Homegrown Paint

  • Homegrown Paint
    October 4, 2022
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Long before the invention of synthetic pigments and acrylic paints, countless generations of artists have honed methods for creating fine pigments and quality paint from purpose-grown plants and waste animal products.   Join Dan Hettinger as he leads us through his process for creating DIY, lightfast, quality paints from plants and animals grown and harvested from his own property and nearby farms.   First we’ll cover the processes for growing and extracting lightfast plant-based pigments from Japanese Indigo, Weld and Madder root, as well as earth pigments, carbon blacks and whites from calcined eggshells. From there we’ll learn about natural plant and animal binders that you can process in your own home: from egg-based tempera and glair, to plant-based linseed and black walnut oils, and animal protein binders made from casein and hide glue.  Putting it all together, we’ll show how to blend, store and use these paints in the home studio. 

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