Goldenseal Summit 2020 video

Join Goldenseal expert Robert Eidus of the North Carolina Ginseng and Goldenseal Company and a panel of experts for this informative and inspiring discussion. The vision in creating this video is to help launch a grassroots medicine movement that is as widespread and powerful as the local food movement to help preserve, protect and propagate the Goldenseal plant.

We hope that the video, as well as discussions around the topics covered, can be shared online and in screenings that can spark new conversations and debates about health, wellness, and medicinal plant stewardship. Our intention is to inspire real, tangible actions to build grassroots, ecologically sustainable healthcare in communities across the country and the world. Please utilize and share the resources below to learn more and get involved in this collective effort.


Goldenseal Summit Resource List

1. Hydrastis Canadensis, by J.U. & C.G. Lloyd, Bulletin of the Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Materia Medica, Cincinnati, Ohio 1884
Everything you would want to know about this plant including how it got its name around 1759 to a reference table going back to 1793. This bulletin is illustrated with great drawings.

2. A Growers Guide to Goldenseal, by Robert Eidus, self published 3rd edition, Marshall, North Carolina 2015
A small booklet with only 12 pages on growing organic small scale forest production.

3. Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs, by Richo Cech, published by Herbal Reads, LLC, Williams, Oregon, 2017

This is the second edition with illustrations by Sena Cech, Goldenseal section starts on page 91 through 109, with References

4. Commercial Goldenseal Cultivation, By Jeanine M. Davis and Joe-Ann McCoy, NC State University, Horticulture Information Leaflet 131, Raleigh, North Carolina 2000

Five page paper with some Reference.

5. HerbalGram Goldenseal Conservation Status, Issue 119, by Leah E. Oliver and Danna J. Leaman, The Journal of the American Botanical Council, Austin, Texas 2018, p.40-55

This document was a jump off point for the Goldenseal Summit in 2020 (which was required reading for participants) and has an extensive References list.

6. Growing & Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal & Other Woodland Medicinals, by Jeanine M. Davis and W. Scott Persons, Bright Mountain Books, Inc, Fairview, North Carolina, 2005

Goldenseal starts on page 217 and goes to page 276, with a good listing of references

Videos on Goldenseal
1. Goldenseal Sanctuary at United Plant Savers, by Rural Action, Athens, Ohio for the Lloyd Library 2019

2. Growing Goldenseal with Robert A. Eidus, originally shot by Al Frisch, Appalachian Science in the Public Interest, Lexington Kentucky, 2000 and reproduced by Robert Eidus in 2005, Marshall, North Carolina, 28 minutes

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Transforming the trade in wild plants – Our mission is to enable transformation
of resource management and business practices to be ecologically, socially, and
economically sustainable throughout the supply chain of wild-collected products.
These include plants, fungi, and lichen – wild resources under enormous pressure worldwide.

IUCN SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group Co-Chairs:Danna Leaman and Anastasiya Timoshyna
IUCN SSC Red List Authority Coordinator: Danna Leaman
The IUCN SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group (MPSG) is a global network of specialists contributing within our own institutions and in our own regions, as well as world-wide, to the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants. The MPSG was founded in 1994 to increase global awareness of conservation threats to medicinal plants, and to promote sustainable use and conservation action.

World Wildlife Fund/TRAFFIC:
Regularly produces articles on medicinal plants in trade.
Search the website for multiple documents.

American Botanical Council article on MAPs:
Strengthening Sustainable International Trade in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants –
Updates from the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES and
potential future directions.

Numen: The Healing Power of Plants: