Small Scale Mushroom Spawn Production video

You can produce your own mushroom spawn on the farm or at your homestead. Many people suggest buying spawn from a commercial spawn supplier, and while that may be advisable for some, there are many good reasons to make your own. In this presentation, Living Web Farm’s Ian Ruckriegel will discuss the costs and benefits of taking the production of mushroom spawn into your own hands.

We go over the basics of setting up a small lab, including equipment and design, best lab habits and practices for maintaining spawn purity, cloning, culture storage, and spawn creation. Basic recipes and important techniques will be included for all the key steps in making your own spawn. A large quantity of spawn can be produced for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it from large suppliers. If you’re looking for a one-stop source for the complete basic process of growing spawn, this is it!

Our new workshop format welcomes live participants via this website and our YouTube channel. No registration is necessary. Workshops will average less than 2 hours in length, with a 10-minute intermission after the first hour and a Q & A period at the end.