Koji In Every Kitchen video

Koji is a beneficial mold, traditionally used in producing miso, sake, and shoyu (soy sauce), however its uses are far broader, including pickling, curing meat, and maybe even composting. In this session, learn about the positive power of koji because of its production of enzymes which metabolize starches and proteins. Learn how to grow your own culture and to utilize it in natural fermentation processes. Koji is also a remarkable flavor enhancer. Some uses for koji in your home kitchen include: tenderizing meats, pickling vegetables, making bacon and other cured meats, as well as miso, soy sauce, sake, sauces, dressings, sugar substitutes and more. You can also utilize it to reduce salt in your cooking. Meredith Leigh will explore the science, history, and practical application of koji culture in the home kitchen, and demonstrate a range of uses for this amazing mold.