Biodynamic Planting Calendar video

When planning a garden, gardeners and farmers need every tool at their disposal to enhance the prospect of having a successful crop. Proper timing is the key. Each year, the biodynamic farmer plans around the rotation of the earth and the seasons. We are intricately intertwined in all the heavenly bodies that surround the Earth. Most obvious is the sun with its 24-hour daily cycle and the yearly cycle that affects growth. We also see a direct relationship with the lunar cycles–how the moon affects Earthly ocean tides and plant germination. This class will teach us how to plan out our garden and maximize the influence of the sun, moon, and planets. Learn about the science and the research that has taken place over the last hundred years, and learn practical applications to enhance terroir or overall flavor, nutrient density, and preservation of qualities while improving yields. We will lay out the year and be able to plan for our season in advance with the aid of the planting calendar.

This class is taught by John Henry Nelson of Living Web Farms. John Henry is a passionate farmer who employs a multitude of disciplines in his farming approach, such as biodynamics, permaculture, regenerative farming, and whole-systems design. John Henry is an innovator and continually finds new ways to blend different disciplines in order to create better agriculture. He specializes in water harvesting, landscape design, and applying permaculture design to create beauty and functionality.

Links to get the calendars
The Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac 2022

Our new workshop format welcomes live participants via and our YouTube channel. No registration is necessary. Workshops will average less than 2 hours in length, with a 10-minute intermission after the first hour and a Q & A period at the end.