Belly Biochemistry with Leah Webb video

Our bodies are designed to rely on our own physiological biochemistry paired with the intricate action of bacteria and other microbiota to support digestion and immunity. Join Leah Webb, of Deep Rooted Wellness, and the author of “The Grain Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Family Cookbook” as she explains the ins and outs of digestion in an easy-to-understand approach, and sheds light on the relationship between immunity, disease, microbiota, and diet. There are a number of factors that can interfere with healthy digestion, and Leah will provide insight as to what those factors are, including dietary strategies to better support immunity. Particular emphasis will be placed on how avoidance of conventionally grown grains and sugar can support a healthy digestive system, thus a healthy immune response. She’ll also discuss the ways in which the gut is connected to the brain, which directly impacts our emotions, physiological responses, and ability to feel our best.