Reducing Environmental Toxins with Dr. Devra Davis audio

Dr. Devra Davis is a respected leader in environmental toxicology heading the Environmental Health Trust, a non-profit organization raising awareness about human-made health threats. Dr. Davis will share the latest in policy and research concerning environmental hazards, as well as how to reduce exposure at the individual and community levels. Dr. Davis has authored over 200 publications as well as three books, one of which was a finalist for the National Book Award. She has advised Congress, the UN, and The World Health Organization. She will address other environmental hazards as well, including cell phones, wireless technology, and blue light. Her lecture will also draw parallels between human and ecological impacts, touching on the effects of environmental toxins in the climate change debate. She will end the talk with a focus on tips for reducing your exposure, as well as what communities can do to reduce toxins, and decrease greenhouse gases.