Planting & Maintaining a Living Roof audio

Living Web Farms’ Energy and Resource Coordinator, Richard Freudenberger, guides us as we explore the benefits of building or adapting a living roof for appropriate structures. We’ll discuss planning, design, structural needs, materials, drainage, and soil mediums. Richard will also talk about the optimum native and the non-native plant choices, tolerances, and maintenance consideration. We will be utilizing the green roof on Living Web Farms’ Black Soldier Fly facility to show an example of one kind of living roof adapted to our specific uses, as described. Planting a ‘living’ or ‘green’ roof to a structure can help with temperature control, stormwater runoff, and more longevity for the roof membrane. Roof plantings contribute to local wildlife habitat and provide a cooler summer environment. This video will help you decide a new way you can make a pleasing aesthetic addition while adding a fertile landscape.