Food Security & Disaster Resilience audio

In the not so distant past, general preparedness and self sufficiency was an everyday part of life. Explore ways we can cultivate resiliency today with Organic Growers School, AmeriCorps member Jillian Wolf and Sara DeFosset, as they facilitate this discussion on how we can maintain a reliable food system. We’ll look at how our community can have strong, steady responses to emergencies we may face and how can we best prepare for and eventually thrive in the face of disruption to commercial food production/distribution. Panelists Amy Meier (MANNA Foodbank), Kiera Bulan (Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council), Amber Weaver (City of Asheville, Office of Sustainability), Carolina Arias (Bountiful Cities/Asheville Buncombe Community Gardens Network), and Pat Battle (Living Web Farms) give us a variety of perspectives to help answer these questions.