We occasionally get consulting requests for endeavors or projects featured in our videos and workshops. We are unable to provide such consulting, typically due to time constraints, or due to the depth of knowledge required for topics about which we have often brought in outside speakers to present. There are many, many topics on which our staff has the knowledge to elaborate, and in the absence of our availability for in-person consulting, we encourage you to Skype in to our Tuesday radio show with your questions.

Radio Instructions: Email Multimedia Director Lisa Almaraz ahead of time to be sure that she can make a good Skype connection, and to give us a heads up about your  subject matter and question. If we feel we cannot answer your question, we will let you know.

Typical reasons for not accepting questions:

  • issues of scale (is your project larger than what we feel comfortable commenting on?)
  • inherent risks in your endeavor for which we have not secured insurance sufficient to back us up as consultants
  • specifics of a given inquiry may so unique that a radio show discussion of them would not be appropriate. That said, specific aspects of a given endeavor may be of interest to our radio audience and if we have the expertise will gladly entertain such questions.

Here at Living Web Farms we are inspired by and highly motivated to advance a diversity of new and established sustainable/regenerative and innovative methods, technologies, and best practices. However, our methods for contributing must remain in the scope of our mission which is to design and present workshops which provide pathways to a more sustainable future, post these workshops as videos to the world via our website and YouTube, to provide healthy, organic food to the food insecure in nearby communities, and to conduct on-farm research that will advance regenerative agriculture and clean food.