Simplified Electrical Controls for the Farm and Homestead

  • January 13, 2018
    1:00 pm - 7:30 pm

From switches to thermostats, and relays to circuit boards, control systems range from the simple to the incredibly complex.  In today’s world, these systems are everywhere – and they govern much of what makes us comfortable in our homes and productive on the farm.  Understanding the basics of how these systems operate helps us learn how technology affects us: we’ll learn to become more resilient by becoming better practitioners of sensible technology.

We’ll explore the basics, and learn a new set of tools and vocabulary for understanding the world of controls.  Skipping complicated electrical theory, participants will gain an introductory knowledge to some very common components and how they fit into a complete controls system.

We’ll build on this knowledge, while learning electrical safety, basic troubleshooting and design for applications around the farm: from greenhouse environmental controls to irrigation timers and more.

Afterwards, we’ll see how the Living Web Farms biochar crew designed simple control circuits for use on their systems: from overheat alarms, to overflow prevention and freeze protection.


Participants will gain hands on experience using a multimeter on live electrical equipment.  Class size is limited.


220 Grandview Lane, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 28791, United States