Plastics: Reduce Reuse Recycle – Tools for Managing Plastic Waste

  • October 13, 2018
    1:00 pm - 7:30 pm

The LWF biochar crew has been exploring the world of recycling plastics – One that’s full of nuance: from detailed technical expertise to an understanding of global trade and the habits of individual consumers.  Plastics are everywhere and seemingly impossible to avoid.

In this workshop, we’ll explore downsides of our cheap plastics based economy, while acknowledging the benefits of plastics as appropriate materials in certain applications.  While some plastics are food safe, corrosion resistant, tough, affordable and easily repurposed, others are inherently toxic and can never be properly recycled.  We’ll discuss some common strategies and innovative ideas for reducing and reusing plastics in our daily lives.

Globally, only 7% of plastics are recycled.  Recycling systems sometimes rely on complex global trade, and international shipping solely for processing prior to reuse.  As made apparent in China’s partial ban on imported plastic waste, unpredictable markets for recycled materials can be disruptive to future infrastructure investment.  Join us for a discussion with Jan Foster from Waste Reduction Partners where she’ll describe their efforts in the recycling of agricultural plastic films.

The LWF biochar crew will demo their small scale recycling equipment – based off the designs from European maker-pioneers Precious Plastics – built with the intent of turning valuable plastic waste into useful products for the local economy.   Our intention is to show that when applied on a small scale, recycling technology can be more nimble and responsive to the needs of local communities – our efforts are yet to be proven.

Much of the workshop will be open discussion format, where participants can contribute and share ideas – this is a complicated issue – and we recognize that we’re not experts.  Join us and contribute to a helpful, motivating discussion and share real world skills for managing plastic waste.


220 Grandview Lane, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 28791, United States