Corrective Movements to Rebuild the Body

  • July 16, 2019
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This workshop has reached capacity. Thank you for your interest!

This workshop taught by Benjamin Pelton will be a great opportunity to learn how to access new mobility and release tension. Created from the compilation of prestige exercise programs this workshop will be taught in two parts. In the first half participants will learn about the diaphragm and the importance of this vital muscle in neuromuscular stabilization. We will spend time discussing and practicing corrective exercises for breathing mechanics. Once respiration is covered we will move through different movement patterns established from developmental kinesiology. The developmental movement patterns will end with gait or in other terms our walking pattern.

The second half of this workshop will include a discussion on Myofascial Tissue. This lecture will go into the newest understandings of myofascial tissue, the structure of it and how it works in our body. A brief introduction into Thomas Myers – Anatomy Trains will be discussed in order to educate participants on Thomas Myers’ idea of the myofascial slings. With this new idea of the anatomical myofascial slings we can discuss several programs and movement educators currently utilizing this information to progress human movement in the direction of longevity and wellness. The workshop will finish with a movement flow that will incorporate different principles for strengthening, nourishing, and restoring health into myofascial tissue and muscular balances.


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